Your Car Upholstery Speaks of your personality

You are the car that you drive. Yes, indeed. People will judge you by how great the car looks. How awesomely cleaned it is and all that. If you are driving a shoddy vehicle, so will people judge you as shoddy and all that. If you are a guy like me though who pays close attention to what they are driving in, so will people think you to be organized, wealthy and important.

Cars determine your personality. And it is not just the outside. No, the inside is where the rubber meets the road. You have to invest a good number of your pennies, time, ingenuity and all that to make sure that your car interior looks the part so that when someone gets inside it, the first words that escape their mouths is, “You must be wealthy. I have immediately fallen in love with your auto!”

I came to  this realization when I was just a rookie lawyer working for a firm. While the associates drove this second hand cars, the partners drove new, sleek cars. And so, you would just be able to distinguish between an associate and  a partner at the firm by a simple look at what they were driving. And then I came in. The rookie who turned the tables. My car was far from new. It was infact a hand-me-down from my rich brother. But I made sure that it looked new.

I did a good repaint and then did the most tasking part; revamping the interior. I bought these awesome leather best car seat covers and then went ahead to make sure that the luxurious theme was maintained throughout the car. After doing all this, the results were so amazing that everyone wanted to ride in it.

On getting inside the car, you were met by this awesome upholstery that greeted you and ushered you in. You felt as though you were riding in a limousine because of the time I had spent working on the little details. And so, everyone called me the rookie partner because my car looked better than any other person at the firm.


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