Why Have Wikipedia Backlinks |Wikipedia Backlinks Service| Buy Wikipedia Backlinks?

In SEO, ranking is of utmost importance. Everyone is trying to be on number one in the SERPs.

It is however not possible.

Only the best in content and backlinks score that.

Quality of Backlinks

Not all backlinks have the same strength. There are those backlinks that you will spend eons and eons of years building but you will never see your site move up. The needle just stops no matter how many backlinks you build.

Professional SEOs know only too well that it is not the amount of backlinks that matter but the relevancy and the quality.

Take for example that you are building a weight loss niche blog and yet you go getting backlinks from tech niche sites. That will never affect your ranking positively. You will die trying to rank. Well, it would have worked in the olden days but today, no.

Google is that wise. They have in fact introduced an artificial intelligence where they can tell where you are getting your backlinks from and their relevance to your money site.

A backlink from reputable authority sites such as The Guardian, WebMd again is not of equal value to that from a low personally owned wordpress web 2.0 blog.

Enter Wikipedia links

Sometimes back, backlinks from wikipedia were all do follow. Google and Wikipedia found that they were however being spammed by SEO guys as they tried to rank their sites and beat their competitions. They therefore rolled out new updates where all external links from the website would all be nofollow.

That update scared many seos away. But not all. Why? Interestingly, though wikipedia links are nofollow and are not supposed to pass any link juice, they still do pass it. I do not know how it happens but after trying and lots of testing, I have come to realize that Wikipedia is one Hway to really rank and beat your competitors at their own game.

How about being called a sockpuppet and domain blacklisted

Sometimes back, I tried doing an article on the English wikipedia. Believe you me, it was really hard. The editors are merciless and have this craze on blocking all newbies so that they are able to identify or separate wheat from the chaff. If they think that you are only there to steal links, they block you.

However, with consistency and you doing quality edits, they give you a go-ahead and you thereby earn their trust.

Getting the wikipedia links though is not easy and if you are not ready to spend time learning the process, you better get a wikipedia backlinks service to help you.

So, why not buy wikipedia backlinks?

Wikipedia backlinks service will get your rankings moving up and up all the way to position one.

Why do you need a wikipedia backlinks service

  1. Get direct traffic from wikipedia
  2. Get ranking moving up the needle
  3. Have a great brand that is linked out by wikipedia
  4. Win Google trust


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