What a Tattoo Says about you

I was recently having a conversation with this artist friend of mine who rocks so many tattoos in his body. Years back, such a guy would have never become my friend because I always saw tattoos as devilish and those who wore them were making a statement that they belong to the devil. Cough. Cough.After many years and getting wiser about tattoos, I admonished such thoughts and now I relate with tattooed friends normally.


Anyway, we were talking about what the tattoo that you wear says about you. Say for example that you wear a dragon tattoo, it says that you are powerful and are not frightened by anything.

This artist friend said that he is always careful what message he displays with his tattoos. Unlike other body ornaments, a tattoo remains with you for life. So if you choose the wrong one, then you can bear the burden of carrying the message for life.

Tattoos can also show affiliation to certain religion, commitment to certain beliefs. They also show that you acknowledge the existence of supernatural powers that control the forces of nature.

A tattoo design speaks of your personality. It also shows how much you value yourself. If you go rocking badly done tattoos, that says that you are reckless and care less about how people see you. If you are the type that rocks nicely done tatoos that are artfully done, this says that you are the kind of person who dines and wines with the bigwigs. It says that you are big shot who rolls with finesse and suave.

So before you go to your local tattoo guy, check to make sure that they are good artists, have a wide range of tattoo designs for you to choose from as well as having the rotary tattoo machine that contributes a great deal to the quality of tattoo you get.



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