Ways to Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Towards the end of April, 2020 Amazon Associates program revised their operating agreement with associates so that affiliates saw a huge drop in commission cuts.

It really affected so many people who depend on the amazon affiliate program for their online hustles. Personally, I too was affected and it was really difficult accepting the fact that I would start earning almost 60% less of what I earned before.

But the online world is a dynamic one. It also requires people who are dynamic and accept changes as fast as possible,

So as to earn as good as I was doing before, I have found the following strategies to be good ones

  • Increase the website traffic by SEO and Pinterest

Now, this is not that easy. Search engine optimization is what first got me to earning as an affiliate with the amazon associates program. It involves trying to rank for more keywords as well scooping the top three position on search engines.

To do all this, I have to try to create better content as well as increase backlinks that are pointing to my sites. This way, I get more organic traffic which will mean more money for me.

Other than search engine optimization, I have also been trying to create great pins so that I can market my sites using pinterest. Again, this is no work in the park. You have to sweat it out creating daily pins to post on your site and sharing them in relevant pin boards or tailwind tribes.

Honestly speaking, this has been hard for me because I am not the best person when it comes to working with graphics.

  • Use ezoic to generate ad revenue

Rather than wholly depending on amazon affiliate links, I have felt it good to diversify my earnings with ads. Other than the common google adsense that we all know of, I also found ezoic that has better RPM.

In my ezoic review here, I point out that the program has its own downsides in that it will lower your site speed which could end up lowering your traffic. At the same time, ads could make it difficult for people to click on your affiliate links.

However, so far so good; I cannot regret ever trying ezoic to diversify my income since it has brought me some extra dollars.

  • Localise links with genius link plugin to earn from Amazon Canada and UK

Another hack that I have found while trying to increase my amazon affiliate earnings is localizing of links. You see, we all want to earn from amazon.com but at most times, we leave the amazon canada, UK, Australia, India behind yet they could bring in some extra chums.

Now, look at your site traffic via your google analytics and see whether you are getting good traffic from Canada, UK and Australia. If you are, go ahead and try to localize your amazon links so that when a reader in UK clicks on your links, they are not taken to amazon.com but rather to amazon.com.uk

To do this, I first tried localizing using amazon onelink but I did not like their conversion rates though the tool was free. I ended up with a paid tool called genius link which was way more awesome.

With genius link, I was able to increase my amazon affiliate earnings by an extra $50 per month. Now this is good return on investment (ROI) since I pay only $10 to subscribe for the tool.

  • Have better conversion rate optimization strategies

To earn more from the same traffic that you were getting, you have to think of how readers see your site and how easy it is for them to become buyers. Could you improve your web copy to convince them to buy

Or could you work on your call to action buttons so that they have better user experience and feel the urge to click on those CTAs.

Well, this is what conversion rate optimization (CRO) is all about.

  • Use alternative affiliate programs

Rather than depending on amazon alone, one could try out other affiliate program which might end up having better commission or conversion rates.

It is all about not putting all your eggs in one basket!


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