SEO: Guide to ranking in 2018

Seo is quickly changing and Google has devised new and better ways to rank websites. Backlinks though are the engine driving everything. You need to be voted by others for you to be seen as an authority by search engines. Other than backlinks, social shares also have a big role to play.

Last year, Google rolled out so many updates that many seos were really devastated over what to do. Every update came with its own unique victims all the way from those who were trying to game the system by over-optimizing to those who were trying to get links from unnatural sources. You see Google already knows that seos are ever trying to win by doing all they can to make sure that they get the #1 spot. Their web spam team though is not sleeping on their job and are therefore ever working to get this spammy seos.



The place of PBNs has not changed. Not in 2017 or 2018. They are still doing great since it takes time before Google knows that you own both the money site you are trying to rank as well as the PBN. So it will take time plus your carelessness for them to see the footprints. So, if you are in PBns, do not go about leaving footprints that they may see you.



Spamming Wikipedia is not going to end any time soon. Though nofollow, most seos have seen incredible results from Wikipedia all the way from:

  • Direct traffic
  • Indexing really fast
  • Serp ranking going up high.

At the same time, when one is backlinked on Wikipedia, they tend to get more natural backlinks since people will have seen them as authorities in the topic of interest.

Linking out

Linking out to authority sites such as Webmd, CNN, theguardian and others have always been said to be great since it shows Google that you are also an authority in the making. Embedding relevant youtube videos is also great for ranking your site as well as for engaging your audience.


Blogging oftenly

Google wants to index fresh content every time they come to your site. Do, this by blogging oftenly. You can make a habit of updating your content once in a month as well as creating niche relevant content once in a month. This shows that you are not sleeping on your job.


Siloing is great as it shows Google that you are organized and the search engine is able to rank you more easily after seeing content related to each other.





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