Right Products for your Urinary Incontinence


Living with incontinence is usually an embarrassing state for most people. They become withdrawn and refuse to associate with others. However, this does not have to be so. There are various products, remedies and treatment that you can use to improve your quality of life.

  1. Medication

Depending on the type of incontinence, the doctor may prescribe;

Anticholinergics for calming over reactive bladders i.e. urge incontinence

Mirabegron which relaxes bladder muscles and as a result increases the amount of urine that a bladder can hold

Alpha blockers- this is used by men for relaxing bladder neck muscles in the prostate making it easier to empty the bladder

  1. Medical devices

Urethral insert- This is a tampon like device for women with incontinence with incontinence. It is inserted into the urethra before activities that may trigger incontinence and removed before urination.

Pessary – this is a ring-like device that women insert into their vagina all day. It helps in holding up the bladder thus preventing urine leakage.

Nerve stimulators- this is a device that is similar to a pacemaker and is inserted under the skin of an incontinent person. It delivers electrical pulses to nerves that are responsible for bladder control thus helping to control incontinence.

  1. Pads and catheters

Absorbent pads – these are just like normal under-wears but they trap urine keeping the person dry and minimize odors. They can either be disposable or re-usable.

Incontinence clamps- this is an incontinence device for men that constricts the penis to decrease the amount of urine leakage. People with any mental disability are not advised to use this product as they may leave the clamp on for longer times which could cause penile damage.

Catheter- this is a soft tube inserted into the urethra several times a day to drain the bladder. It is re-usable and requires a lot of hygiene. This is useful for people who have problems emptying their bladders properly.



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