Phenq side effects

No matter the hype and the marketing gimmicks that the manufacturers and promoters of phenq might try to propagate, it has some side effects. Actually, all weight loss pills have their side effects. The only sure way to lose weight without side effects is the natural way where you exercise and eat lean. This may however take long and therefore most people want a short cut.

Phenq side effects

The phenq side effects are easily discernible even to a weight loss newbie. They are written there in black and white on the sales page:

phenq side effects

  1. Do not take the pills past 3pm
  2. Not for use by pregnant mothers
  3. Not for use by diabetic patients

Those three statements say it all: they ring a bell. For the first statement, it actually means that taking the diet pill might cause insomnia and anxiety: two side effects that are attached to taking too much caffeine or green tea beverages.

For the second statement, it means that the ingredients are far reaching and might actually reach the foetus in your womb. You do not want to bear a baby whom weight loss pills have affected, do you?

The third statement is a disclaimer that no one who is diabetic should take the supplement. We dug out why and realized that it was because of nopal. You see nopal is a cactus like plant that grows naturally in the deserts. It is eaten by the desert tribes who want to suppress appetite as much as possible as they make do with the little available in those arid areas. When you take nopal, you curb your craving so much that you will never know when you are starving. This should never occur to a diabetic person. They need to know when they are hungry so that they can take food lest they pass out.

We also found out that nopal causes headache, dizziness and a dry mouth—things that you would naturally feel when you are starving.

Nopal and its interactions with drugs

The WebMd has said that use of nopal affects people who are on other drugs so if you are under other medication of any kind, ask your physician for help before taking phenq.


If you are allergic to nopal, then phenq is not your portion. Why? It causes  complications  such as asthma and other respiratory problems. So rather than start popping one anti-histamine after the other, better be safe and ask your doctor. You can also see this review at on unbiased reviews of phenq.




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