Your Car Upholstery Speaks of your personality

You are the car that you drive. Yes, indeed. People will judge you by how great the car looks. How awesomely cleaned it is and all that. If you are driving a shoddy vehicle, so will people judge you as shoddy and all that. If you are a guy like me though who pays close attention to what they are driving in, so will people think you to be organized, wealthy and important.

Cars determine your personality. And it is not just the outside. No, the inside is where the rubber meets the road. You have to invest a good number of your pennies, time, ingenuity and all that to make sure that your car interior looks the part so that when someone gets inside it, the first words that escape their mouths is, “You must be wealthy. I have immediately fallen in love with your auto!”

I came to  this realization when I was just a rookie lawyer working for a firm. While the associates drove this second hand cars, the partners drove new, sleek cars. And so, you would just be able to distinguish between an associate and  a partner at the firm by a simple look at what they were driving. And then I came in. The rookie who turned the tables. My car was far from new. It was infact a hand-me-down from my rich brother. But I made sure that it looked new.

I did a good repaint and then did the most tasking part; revamping the interior. I bought these awesome leather best car seat covers and then went ahead to make sure that the luxurious theme was maintained throughout the car. After doing all this, the results were so amazing that everyone wanted to ride in it.

On getting inside the car, you were met by this awesome upholstery that greeted you and ushered you in. You felt as though you were riding in a limousine because of the time I had spent working on the little details. And so, everyone called me the rookie partner because my car looked better than any other person at the firm.

Can you get phenq from amazon, gnc or Walmart?

Can you get phenq from amazon, gnc or Walmart?


Sometimes back, phenq was readily available on amazon, gnc and Walmart. Today however, you can be sure that you will not find it on those online stores. Why? It is never there again. And that is a good thing if you read through the whole of this article.

When phenq was on amazon, gnc and Walmart, it was found out that there were some sneaky ingredients that were introduced. It was no longer the unique phenq that you and I know. It was actually more of a placebo that was a total rip off.

Again some of the ingredients were harmful and after taking them, one side effect after the other followed you. You got stomach upsets, nausea and diarrhea. But why, yet phenq has been said to not have any side effects whatsoever? Well the truth is that the real phenq had been distorted at amazon, gnc and Walmart by other unscrupulous suppliers.

So the phenq website decided that enough was enough and they would never have it on amazon, gnc or Walmart.

Today therefore, the only place you can find real genuine phenq is on the manufacturer’s official website

Phenq scam

Having said that, I hope you now know why phenq amazon, gnc and Walmart are all scams. Anytime you find the drug being sold in other markerts, you should exercise your caution and avoid it like the plague because it is not the real diet pill that has been praised and reviewed by so many people.

Phenq testimonials

Going through the phenq customer reviews on their website, one thing is clear. The diet pill is really effective and will have you lose weight in the shortest time possible.

Personally, I  have tried it and I know the efficacy of the diet pill in getting you leaner and ripped. The only thing that I did not love about the product was the caffeine that made me have sleepless nights due to insomnia.



Phenq side effects

No matter the hype and the marketing gimmicks that the manufacturers and promoters of phenq might try to propagate, it has some side effects. Actually, all weight loss pills have their side effects. The only sure way to lose weight without side effects is the natural way where you exercise and eat lean. This may however take long and therefore most people want a short cut.

Phenq side effects

The phenq side effects are easily discernible even to a weight loss newbie. They are written there in black and white on the sales page:

phenq side effects

  1. Do not take the pills past 3pm
  2. Not for use by pregnant mothers
  3. Not for use by diabetic patients

Those three statements say it all: they ring a bell. For the first statement, it actually means that taking the diet pill might cause insomnia and anxiety: two side effects that are attached to taking too much caffeine or green tea beverages.

For the second statement, it means that the ingredients are far reaching and might actually reach the foetus in your womb. You do not want to bear a baby whom weight loss pills have affected, do you?

The third statement is a disclaimer that no one who is diabetic should take the supplement. We dug out why and realized that it was because of nopal. You see nopal is a cactus like plant that grows naturally in the deserts. It is eaten by the desert tribes who want to suppress appetite as much as possible as they make do with the little available in those arid areas. When you take nopal, you curb your craving so much that you will never know when you are starving. This should never occur to a diabetic person. They need to know when they are hungry so that they can take food lest they pass out.

We also found out that nopal causes headache, dizziness and a dry mouth—things that you would naturally feel when you are starving.

Nopal and its interactions with drugs

The WebMd has said that use of nopal affects people who are on other drugs so if you are under other medication of any kind, ask your physician for help before taking phenq.


If you are allergic to nopal, then phenq is not your portion. Why? It causes  complications  such as asthma and other respiratory problems. So rather than start popping one anti-histamine after the other, better be safe and ask your doctor. You can also see this review at on unbiased reviews of phenq.



Health benefits of pizza

Sometimes back, everytime I would go to town and see binge eating pizza, I despised them. Did they not know that what they were eating was so unhealthy? Why would they even eat junk and feel posh at all. Then there was this time when I visited a nutritionist friend of mine in town and he took me to a pizza place and was like, “ Why did you bring me here? Is Pizza not unhealthy?” I asked him confused

“No pizza is great for your body” and I was dumbfounded.

All those years, I had thought that pizza was unhealthy and would make me fat, yet here was a doctor friend telling me that pizza is the real deal if I want to stay healthy.

He actually went on to show this to me

Why pizza is good for you?

Pizza has awesome nutrients

The main ingredient in pizza is vegetables and this are very nutritious for you since they give your body a great boost of vitamins. The flour also gives you a dose of carbs which is good for energy. If you are not a vegan, you can add some slices of bacon and this is  a good source of proteins as well trace elements such as zinc.

Pizza helps fight cancer

Yes, you read that right. I was also doubtful when this nutritionist guy said so but he was good enough to go and explain it to me. Pizza is made with lots of tomato sauce. Tomato sauce contains a main ingredient called lycopene. Now lycopene is great in fighting cancer as explained by the Health Sciences Institute.

Pizza is not fried

Unlike French fries that are fried and served to you, pizza is baked in an oven and therefore gives you assurance that you are not eating unhealthy fats that would then push you to start popping get lean fat burner pills such as phenq

Pizza can boost immunity

The same lycopene in the tomato sauce has been found to contain Vitamin C which boosts your immunity. Therefore people who take pizza are likely to not get common colds.

Pizza is easy to make or get

Imagine coming from work hungry and really tired. Making a full meal would take so long yet you are so famished that you could swallow a baby. Making pizza is easy since all you require is the right ingredients and the best pizza oven and you are done.


Bed bumpers: Who needs them?


The last time we looked at beds, we talked about heated mattresses. So today, I want us to focus on the safety of the bed occupants.

So you have an adult patient whom you are nursing from home and are fearing that they might fall in their sleep and are wondering what to do. So, you do not want to use those metallic side rails since the patient has bouts of seizures and they might just get hurt by the bed rails since they are so hard and metallic. At the same time, you do not want them to get entrapped since the FDA has already said that so many deaths and injuries that were recorded related to hospital beds involved the patients getting entrapped and suffocating as they tried to get themselves free from the entrapment.

And so, you are really looking for a solution since the patient is really paranoid about sleeping in an open bed since they have a history of rolling over in their nightmares and landing on the floor in pain. So, you think about bed bumpers for adults since you have been told that they are really effective in that:

  1. They prevent hospital bed entrapment where the patient might get trapped between the mattress and the under bed rail
  2. You do not want them to fall in their sleep
  3. You want them to have a soft cushion that keeps them from falling since metallic bed rails are just a danger.

Who needs bed bumpers

Children who are transitioning from the crib to the bed

Parents with toddlers who are just too big for the crib and now want to move on to the bed will find bumpers very invaluable. Why? The child is not within a cage that they might feel they are in when on a railed crib. They will therefore feel comfortable and somehow independent without the risk of falling at night.

Demented adults

Lets imagine that you are having a demented adult who might fall during the night as they try to move away in their dementia. Bumpers would come in handy

Muscular dystrophy kids

If you are having someone with DMD, you very well know that they are helpless and they might just roll and fall in their sleep. Rails are like prisons but bumpers are soft and make the person feel as though they are not in a cage.

Adult patients receiving home care

After buying your best hospital bed for home use, you will find that the patient requires bed bumpers for adults to prevent them from falls and entrapment.

Do you need a heated bed?

Let’s say that it is in the winter and the cold night winds are killing you. You try everything from wearing lots of clothes, eating really well and drinking coffee before going to bed(though it will cause insomnia) but you still find that the cold draughts are just too much. You put on more blankets but it does not help. SO you decide to turn on the bedroom heating and everything is good until they send you the power bills. They are so high that you wonder what to do.

You decide there and then that bedroom heating is not your thing. It is creating such a huge dent in your pocket that you wonder what to do next. Then a bird tells you that there are electric blankets and heated mattress pads that can solve your pain points. You jump into it and go ahead to buy the products from an online store. You start using them and everything is great.

Well, though I do not want to sound promotional or anything, electric blankets and heated mattress pads are really good for one who does not want to wear hundreds of clothes at night or turn on the heating system or worse still heap a pile of blankets on top of them.


You however need to know the health hazards of these products

Can cause infertility

Heat can cause male infertility. So you need to be sure that you do not get the heated bedding in between your feet since when high heat touches your groin, you might as well say goodbye to your fertility. Yes, you will not be able to manufacture sperms and you will soon be shooting blanks.

Fire hazards

If anything can go wrong with electricity, then everything can go wrong with heated bedding. Though they have power regulators, there are old –fashioned ones that could overheat and even result in fire right when you are underneath sawing some lumber.

Not good for numb diabetes patients

With diabetes patients, most of their nerves are numb and they would not know when they overheat their beddings. This could result in burns.

Are a no-no for kids.

For heaven’s sake, I would not recommend this beddings for kids. I do not have a reason right here but I just don’t like the idea of electricity and children being bed-fellows.

Once you wash, they can electrocute you.

So my mother decided to wash this electric blanket that my father had bought. She was electrocuted and later learnt that there are not to be washed.


How to clean a dress shoe


Having a clean gleaming pair of shoe adds the finish and glamour to your outfit. Imagine getting ready to go to an interview that will land you your dream job and after you have your nice tailored suit only for you to notice that your dress shoe looks terrible. A great, clean pair of shoe will always boost your confidence. Whether you are going to your wedding, a meeting in the office or on a nice evening date having the perfect cleaned shoe should always be of utmost importance. Fortunately, cleaning a pair of dress shoes is not rocket science although it takes time and commitment. We have a few tips to get you started in attaining that clean sleek pair of dress shoe to keep you looking sharp and to help maintain your shoe. There are two types of dressing shoes leather and suede shoes and they both need to be cleaned thoroughly to maintain them and extend their life cycle.


Here are a few steps on how to get a clean pair of dress shoe so as to make it a best shoe to wear with walking boot;

Step 1: brush or wipe away surface dirt and debris

When cleaning the shoes always remove the laces because they only get in the way of you cleaning your dress shoe. Cleaning and removal of the dirt can be achieved by the use of horsehair brush that usually comes with the shoe cleaning kit. The more often you clean your shoes it makes them easier to maintain and it increases the durability of your shoe.


Step 2: rub away stubborn stains and scuffs.

For the stubborn stains that wouldn’t come off easily, you need to use a little force but be careful not to damage the shoe. Use a piece of clean cloth and apply a small amount of saddle soap or leather soap to make sure that the shoe is thoroughly cleaned. To clean the stains caused by road salt you should use two to one mix of water and white vinegar and lightly dampen the shoe with the mixture and not to saturate it. For the clumpy layers of old polish try using nail polish remover and wipe off gently.


Step 3: polish the shoes for that final glamour

To give your shoe that glamour look you need to apply cream polish or wax for the leather dress shoe. Apply a small amount of polish to a brush and work it a circular manner. Ensure that the polish is evenly spread all over the shoe. After applying the polish buff the shoe with a clean piece of cloth or another clean brush. Buffing evens out the polish or wax to give your shoe that shiny, clean look.



Step 4: spit shine

This is the last step in cleaning your dress shoe. If you want to achieve that mirror-like shine to your shoes then a spit shine is important. Polish and buff at least twice and leave the dress shoe to dry preferably overnight. Then, after the shoe is dry sprinkle a few drops of water to the shoe and give it a final buff for that perfect shine glamour.



Now you can achieve that perfect and glamorous look to your dress shoe. No more embarrassing moments when you look at your shoe clashing with your outfit. Boost your confidence with a nice and clean dress shoe.

All the best!



This is why South Shore Fynn Twin Bed is the Best Toddler Bed in the market?

It is not conducive to sleep in a bed with kids especially if a toddler moves a lot or kicks while asleep. For you and your spouse to also have private time together it is crucial that your baby gets their own bed.

Children often react differently when transitioning; it may be easy or hard for some. There are various ways in which you can make it easier:

  • Always watch for the baby’s readiness to move out since forceful removal may be met with great resistance. Once the baby starts to climb out of the crib or asks for a bigger bed then it is time to take the initiative.
  • Do not push the baby into a big bed as the child may fail to fall asleep even though time to get him out of the crib may have arrived. The child getting to understand that moving into a toddler bed does not make them wake up anyhow at night is very important.
  • To see if the baby can adapt moving to a toddler bed then you can borrow one to see if the child will like it before you decide to buy one.
  • Placing the bed exactly where the crib used to be with the same beddings is one way of increasing chances of acceptance since the child will be familiar with them.
  • Always make it an exciting thing to do by involving your child when purchasing the bed and beddings.
  • Make sure that the baby has a regular bedtime routine as it becomes easier for the child to understand that the time to go to bed and sleep has come.

For safety of your child, look for the following when buying him a bed:

  • The toddler bed should sit lower to the ground to make it easier for your child to get into and out of the bed thus reducing injuries that may come with falling.
  • A wooden framed bed will be the most appropriate one since it is sturdier but if you decide to go for a metal framed one then make sure that the screws and joints are secure for the baby not to wobble whenever climbing into or out of it.

South shore fynn twin bed is wooden and most recommended for teenagers

  • The guardrails should be well attached to the bed frame and be flush with the mattress so that the baby does not fall out of bed whenever turning.
  • The design of the bed frame should not jut out and the edges should be round in shape and not sharp to protect your child from being jabbed.
  • Choose a bed which has been made with non-toxic paint since some paints contain harmful chemicals or may be allergic. A bed with natural paints and finishing is what you should go for. Select a mattress that properly fits the frame, firm to prevent suffocation and retardant to fire.
  • Go for a bed that your mattress fully fits in without leaving any gap to avoid your baby from being trapped.

Other factors to consider include:

  • Consumer safety ratings to make sure that the bed has met required standards and safety regulations.
  • Choose a bed that is easy to put together and its style should be child-friendly and exciting to sleep in. It should also be budget- friendly and safer at the same time.
  • Also use a mattress protector since some kids wets the bed to prevent the mattress from being damaged.