Health benefits of pizza

Sometimes back, everytime I would go to town and see binge eating pizza, I despised them. Did they not know that what they were eating was so unhealthy? Why would they even eat junk and feel posh at all. Then there was this time when I visited a nutritionist friend of mine in town and he took me to a pizza place and was like, “ Why did you bring me here? Is Pizza not unhealthy?” I asked him confused

“No pizza is great for your body” and I was dumbfounded.

All those years, I had thought that pizza was unhealthy and would make me fat, yet here was a doctor friend telling me that pizza is the real deal if I want to stay healthy.

He actually went on to show this to me

Why pizza is good for you?

Pizza has awesome nutrients

The main ingredient in pizza is vegetables and this are very nutritious for you since they give your body a great boost of vitamins. The flour also gives you a dose of carbs which is good for energy. If you are not a vegan, you can add some slices of bacon and this is  a good source of proteins as well trace elements such as zinc.

Pizza helps fight cancer

Yes, you read that right. I was also doubtful when this nutritionist guy said so but he was good enough to go and explain it to me. Pizza is made with lots of tomato sauce. Tomato sauce contains a main ingredient called lycopene. Now lycopene is great in fighting cancer as explained by the Health Sciences Institute.

Pizza is not fried

Unlike French fries that are fried and served to you, pizza is baked in an oven and therefore gives you assurance that you are not eating unhealthy fats that would then push you to start popping get lean fat burner pills such as phenq

Pizza can boost immunity

The same lycopene in the tomato sauce has been found to contain Vitamin C which boosts your immunity. Therefore people who take pizza are likely to not get common colds.

Pizza is easy to make or get

Imagine coming from work hungry and really tired. Making a full meal would take so long yet you are so famished that you could swallow a baby. Making pizza is easy since all you require is the right ingredients and the best pizza oven and you are done.



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