Do you need a heated bed?

Let’s say that it is in the winter and the cold night winds are killing you. You try everything from wearing lots of clothes, eating really well and drinking coffee before going to bed(though it will cause insomnia) but you still find that the cold draughts are just too much. You put on more blankets but it does not help. SO you decide to turn on the bedroom heating and everything is good until they send you the power bills. They are so high that you wonder what to do.

You decide there and then that bedroom heating is not your thing. It is creating such a huge dent in your pocket that you wonder what to do next. Then a bird tells you that there are electric blankets and heated mattress pads that can solve your pain points. You jump into it and go ahead to buy the products from an online store. You start using them and everything is great.

Well, though I do not want to sound promotional or anything, electric blankets and heated mattress pads are really good for one who does not want to wear hundreds of clothes at night or turn on the heating system or worse still heap a pile of blankets on top of them.


You however need to know the health hazards of these products

Can cause infertility

Heat can cause male infertility. So you need to be sure that you do not get the heated bedding in between your feet since when high heat touches your groin, you might as well say goodbye to your fertility. Yes, you will not be able to manufacture sperms and you will soon be shooting blanks.

Fire hazards

If anything can go wrong with electricity, then everything can go wrong with heated bedding. Though they have power regulators, there are old –fashioned ones that could overheat and even result in fire right when you are underneath sawing some lumber.

Not good for numb diabetes patients

With diabetes patients, most of their nerves are numb and they would not know when they overheat their beddings. This could result in burns.

Are a no-no for kids.

For heaven’s sake, I would not recommend this beddings for kids. I do not have a reason right here but I just don’t like the idea of electricity and children being bed-fellows.

Once you wash, they can electrocute you.

So my mother decided to wash this electric blanket that my father had bought. She was electrocuted and later learnt that there are not to be washed.



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