Battling The Holiday Gifts Craze for Parents with Special Needs

The holidays are knocking.

Yes, the Christmas season is almost here.

2020 has surprisingly been very short.

So Christmas and New Year are looming closely.

It just has to come despite how hard things have been with the corona virus, job losses, business closures and lockdowns here and there.

So, as a parent of special needs children, this could also be one of the most difficult periods when you have to work your way to ensure that you get the best gifts for your special needs kids.

Handling Stress Related to Christmas Gifts as a Parent to Special Needs Children

Because the truth is that kids will be demanding as always. And will want this year’s Christmas to be better than last year. So they will not care to know how bad things have been but will look at you in anticipation for surprises and gift wrappers hidden just under the Christmas tree.

But the economic times that we are in will probably not allow. So what would you do?

Sit down with them and explain things

Surprisingly, kids are very understanding. But only when things are told to them in black and white.

In calm nice way that they the family is struggling. And so they should not expect much from you. Because let’s face it, you are the breadwinner and have to feed them. Next year, there will be bills to be paid, school fees to be met as well as other needs that you need to furnish.

So, they will empathize with you and tell you, “Mom, it is okay, we understand”

Make some homemade toys for them

If you are a DIY kind of person, you could make some homemade toys for the children.

Yes, you really need not buy anything.

So, let’s say that your kid is autistic and are looking for toys for them. You could make some easy, homemade toys like  these ones.

As you do so, involve the children in this acts and you can be assured that you will have lots of fun as you engage in the activity.

The kids will love the toys and feel really appreciated that you involved them in designing and also the actual making of the toys.

That is what memories are made of!

Look at their safety and functionality rather than spoil them with gifts

Rather than buy them fancy toys and clothes yet you are on a limited budget, it would be good to look at functionality of the toys that you buy as well as safety. Prioritize these two and the kids will still feel good that they got something from you during the holidays.

If for the example your kid is on the autism spectrum disorder, you could think of getting them toys that help them with speech. You could also get them board games since children on the spectrum do really like solving puzzles

On the other hand, if the child has cerebral palsy, they will need toys that help them with their fine motor skills, cognition, companionship and social play. So, think of something that does capture this.

Ways to Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Towards the end of April, 2020 Amazon Associates program revised their operating agreement with associates so that affiliates saw a huge drop in commission cuts.

It really affected so many people who depend on the amazon affiliate program for their online hustles. Personally, I too was affected and it was really difficult accepting the fact that I would start earning almost 60% less of what I earned before.

But the online world is a dynamic one. It also requires people who are dynamic and accept changes as fast as possible,

So as to earn as good as I was doing before, I have found the following strategies to be good ones

  • Increase the website traffic by SEO and Pinterest

Now, this is not that easy. Search engine optimization is what first got me to earning as an affiliate with the amazon associates program. It involves trying to rank for more keywords as well scooping the top three position on search engines.

To do all this, I have to try to create better content as well as increase backlinks that are pointing to my sites. This way, I get more organic traffic which will mean more money for me.

Other than search engine optimization, I have also been trying to create great pins so that I can market my sites using pinterest. Again, this is no work in the park. You have to sweat it out creating daily pins to post on your site and sharing them in relevant pin boards or tailwind tribes.

Honestly speaking, this has been hard for me because I am not the best person when it comes to working with graphics.

  • Use ezoic to generate ad revenue

Rather than wholly depending on amazon affiliate links, I have felt it good to diversify my earnings with ads. Other than the common google adsense that we all know of, I also found ezoic that has better RPM.

In my ezoic review here, I point out that the program has its own downsides in that it will lower your site speed which could end up lowering your traffic. At the same time, ads could make it difficult for people to click on your affiliate links.

However, so far so good; I cannot regret ever trying ezoic to diversify my income since it has brought me some extra dollars.

  • Localise links with genius link plugin to earn from Amazon Canada and UK

Another hack that I have found while trying to increase my amazon affiliate earnings is localizing of links. You see, we all want to earn from but at most times, we leave the amazon canada, UK, Australia, India behind yet they could bring in some extra chums.

Now, look at your site traffic via your google analytics and see whether you are getting good traffic from Canada, UK and Australia. If you are, go ahead and try to localize your amazon links so that when a reader in UK clicks on your links, they are not taken to but rather to

To do this, I first tried localizing using amazon onelink but I did not like their conversion rates though the tool was free. I ended up with a paid tool called genius link which was way more awesome.

With genius link, I was able to increase my amazon affiliate earnings by an extra $50 per month. Now this is good return on investment (ROI) since I pay only $10 to subscribe for the tool.

  • Have better conversion rate optimization strategies

To earn more from the same traffic that you were getting, you have to think of how readers see your site and how easy it is for them to become buyers. Could you improve your web copy to convince them to buy

Or could you work on your call to action buttons so that they have better user experience and feel the urge to click on those CTAs.

Well, this is what conversion rate optimization (CRO) is all about.

  • Use alternative affiliate programs

Rather than depending on amazon alone, one could try out other affiliate program which might end up having better commission or conversion rates.

It is all about not putting all your eggs in one basket!

Trampolining for Autistic Kids is Theraupetic

autistic kids trampolining
Trampolining has been found to be therapeutic for kids on the autism spectrum disorder

Research after research done by Autism Spectrum experts has shown that trampolining will be of great benefit to your child on the autism spectrum disorder. Other than giving them freedom as they jump jump up in the air, the trampoline also helps by acting as a therapeutic physical activity that keeps the child engaged and help them release some of the bottled up energies that they might have.

Due to this kind of research most of the entertainment parks in the developed countries such as the USA have actually gone ahead to create ‘autistics only’ entertainment moments. This is mapped out such that no other kid or adult is accepted at the entertainment venues when those kids with sensory processing disorders are called in.

During such moments, the lights are kept at minimum while blaring noise is kept low. The visiting autistic kids might also be asked to come in with their sensory headphones so  that they are not irked by too much noise and that the headphones might muffle out unwanted noise through active noise control.

This acts as a great moment for the ASD kids as they are not bothered by other normal kids who might bully them, talk about them or just make unnecessary noise.

And then the trampolining for the autistic kids begin. Reviews by parents have shown that their kids while leaving such entertainment places look more contented, happy and really excited. They are able to explore their energies as well as feel that indeed they were in a therapeutic session.

The parents of the kids with sensory processing disorder say that they look up to those moments when on that dull Sunday afternoon, their kids on the ASD are able to access the trampoline, jump, enjoy without being bullied or attracting a scene.

How to choose the most comfortable air mattress

The thing with air mattresses is that one size never fits all. One type that is very comfortable for the average built person can be a total nightmare for a heavy person and vice versa.  With the knowledge that proper rest is essential to the well-being and productivity of every human being, it is important to invest in the best air mattress for the heavy person.

If you are overweight, you most likely have had a bad experience with air mattresses. The reason is that finding the right air mattress with high capacity for heavy people is a huge hassle. Most comfortable air mattresses are carefully constructed with reinforcements to serve the bigger people and are therefore more durable.

Why get the best air mattress for heavy people

A heavy person needs a firmer mattress than the standard product. The good news about air mattresses is that they give you the luxury of increasing or reducing the amount of air your pump in till it reaches the ultimate comfort. The fact that you can adjust the firmness is considered to be beneficial for people with back problems.

They are necessary for guest rooms, camping as well as temporarily sleeping solutions. Some of the factors that you need to consider when you are choosing a heavy-duty inflated device include:

Material thickness

To gauge the material thickness, you need to look at the height distance of the air mattress from the ground. If it seems to be so low on the ground, then you will have a tough time getting on and off the mattress. The thickness of the mattress enhances the level of comfort and makes it easy to get in and out of bed

Internal support construction

Always go for a make that uses high-quality material. You can get this information from the heavy-duty label. A heavy-duty mattress incorporates the use of optimum quality materials that can withstand massive bodies. Proper construction ensures that the air mattress stays firm and flat despite carrying a lot of weight. It also helps avoid waking up with some parts of your body sunk in the bed.

A built-in pump is a welcome addition because it is very convenient. However, if you are looking for a camping air mattress, this feature is not so important.


If you have two plus-size people, then you will have to consider its size. In this case, you will need to look at the width so that one of you does not end up rolling off the mattress.

Weight Capacity

The truth is that most air mattresses come with various weight restrictions; however, most people are not aware of this. When shopping look for a product with enough weight capacity to suit you so that you do not exceed its weight capacity.  The highest load capacity air mattress eliminates the risk of leak or breaking


While there are many air mattresses available, you will need to go for one that ticks all the above requirements. With the most comfortable air mattress, you can be sure that you will continue reaping numerous benefits from a relaxed and healthy sleep.

Toilet Seat for Heavy People

If you are looking for the best toilet seat for heavy people, then the big John 1W open front seat should be the think you should be looking for. It can support a weight of upto 1200lbs, made of durable strong plastic, has rubber bumpers to ensure no wiggling and its open front seat design allow easy back to front wiping. You shall never regret or get embarrassed for breaking another toilet seat after getting this big john design.

My cousin recently visited me and was to stay over for a few weeks. He was in the quest to look for a job and had been dropping his application letters in one company after the other. So fortunately, most of the companies invited him for interviews. It was purely coincidental that he had to attend all of them in three weeks. So he came over to my house as he attended the interviews rather than travel all the way from up-country to town every time he had an interview to appear at. To cut the long story short, he broke my toilet seat. Not that he wanted to but it just happened because he is a rather heavy person.

Who am I kidding, he is obese. And I should have noticed that he would have trouble with my toilet seat the very moment he set into the home. He weighs over 400lbs while my toilet seat is standard and can only support weight limits of upto 220lbs. So I do not blame him. But come on, never had I seen it coming!

It was really awkward. After his visiting the toilet the first time, the next thing I noticed is that it was wiggling; a thing that had never happened. And then, it happened. The second time he went in, he came out embarrassed. And then he hit me with the news, “Man, I broke your toilet seat” I thought it was a joke until I went in and found out that he was not fibbing. It was lying there; broken, tortured and unusable.

The Big John 3 open front toilet seat for heavy person

So we went on a quest to get a toilet seat for heavy people. And fortunately, we came across the big john 3 open front toilet seat. You see I had to buy it because I had promised him that were he to get a job in town, he would be staying in my house from then on.

Reviewing the big john toilet seats for obese

Features of the Big John 3 Open front toilet seat

  1. It is 2″ extra raised which is a good thing for obese people or those with their hip or knee replaced. People with back pains would also be insisting on a toilet seat raiser.
  2. Very strong and durable material
  3. It has 19″ topping which is 5″ extra to your standard toilet seat. Any extra plump person will find this to be very good so that they seat without spilling over.
  4. The front seat design allows one to wipe easily back to front with a lot of ease.

What we loved about the Big John 3 Toilet seat

  • Ergonomic design that allows one to use it without any back pain or strain
  • It will not wiggle or produce any alarming noises
  • Has a weight limit of upto 1200lbs so my cousin was sorted
  • The open front design allowed us to wipe back to front while still seated.

What could do with some improvement

Although we really loved buying this toilet seat for heavy person, we found out that the following could do with some improvement

  • Compared to other toilets, this was a tad too expensive and low income earners might not be comfortable parting with the amount you are required to pay for it.
  • It takes a lot of time to install. Plus you would need screws and a whole set of tool kits which do not come with the shipment.

Rise of Tech and Speech Delay Among Toddlers

As much as we may like our tech gadgets which we have now become addicted to and passed on the obsession to our toddlers, we need to realize the negatives that this has brought. Studies have shown that the more technology exposure that your kid below 2 years has, the more they are likely to suffer from speech delay. While you might be giving them that tech gadget so that they can have better vocabulary, learn to speak faster and be entertained by that smartphone as you finish your house chores, the more likely they are to get less verbally expressive.

Catchy songs that have hooked kids below 2 years such as Baby Shark doo doo have been found to be created with addiction in mind. No wonder the guys at Silicon Valley do not want their kids anywhere near the very gadgets that they design! Why? They are nothing but addictive and could end up hampering their normal development.

When growing up, your kid needs you to speak with them, to play with them and engage them. Be their entertainment but not some meaningless and catchy songs or games that have them hooked on the screen for days and days on end.

So does it mean that your kid is to have zero screen time?

If possible to have zero screen time, the better. However, most parents will not be able to make this work since they want to do other things as they take care of their kids. And here is where the confusion starts. For those belwo 2 years, have no screen time at all. Do this for their own good.

For kids between 2 to 5 years, you can have maximum 1 hour screen time. During this time, it should however the censored. How?

  • Have the kid only watch beneficial, educative programs
  • Discuss what they are watching
  • Incorporate what they watched into their everyday lives.

Can you get phenq from amazon, gnc or Walmart?

Can you get phenq from amazon, gnc or Walmart?


Sometimes back, phenq was readily available on amazon, gnc and Walmart. Today however, you can be sure that you will not find it on those online stores. Why? It is never there again. And that is a good thing if you read through the whole of this article.

When phenq was on amazon, gnc and Walmart, it was found out that there were some sneaky ingredients that were introduced. It was no longer the unique phenq that you and I know. It was actually more of a placebo that was a total rip off.

Again some of the ingredients were harmful and after taking them, one side effect after the other followed you. You got stomach upsets, nausea and diarrhea. But why, yet phenq has been said to not have any side effects whatsoever? Well the truth is that the real phenq had been distorted at amazon, gnc and Walmart by other unscrupulous suppliers.

So the phenq website decided that enough was enough and they would never have it on amazon, gnc or Walmart.

Today therefore, the only place you can find real genuine phenq is on the manufacturer’s official website

Phenq scam

Having said that, I hope you now know why phenq amazon, gnc and Walmart are all scams. Anytime you find the drug being sold in other markerts, you should exercise your caution and avoid it like the plague because it is not the real diet pill that has been praised and reviewed by so many people.

Phenq testimonials

Going through the phenq customer reviews on their website, one thing is clear. The diet pill is really effective and will have you lose weight in the shortest time possible.

Personally, I  have tried it and I know the efficacy of the diet pill in getting you leaner and ripped. The only thing that I did not love about the product was the caffeine that made me have sleepless nights due to insomnia.



How to clean a dress shoe


Having a clean gleaming pair of shoe adds the finish and glamour to your outfit. Imagine getting ready to go to an interview that will land you your dream job and after you have your nice tailored suit only for you to notice that your dress shoe looks terrible. A great, clean pair of shoe will always boost your confidence. Whether you are going to your wedding, a meeting in the office or on a nice evening date having the perfect cleaned shoe should always be of utmost importance. Fortunately, cleaning a pair of dress shoes is not rocket science although it takes time and commitment. We have a few tips to get you started in attaining that clean sleek pair of dress shoe to keep you looking sharp and to help maintain your shoe. There are two types of dressing shoes leather and suede shoes and they both need to be cleaned thoroughly to maintain them and extend their life cycle.


Here are a few steps on how to get a clean pair of dress shoe so as to make it a best shoe to wear with walking boot;

Step 1: brush or wipe away surface dirt and debris

When cleaning the shoes always remove the laces because they only get in the way of you cleaning your dress shoe. Cleaning and removal of the dirt can be achieved by the use of horsehair brush that usually comes with the shoe cleaning kit. The more often you clean your shoes it makes them easier to maintain and it increases the durability of your shoe.


Step 2: rub away stubborn stains and scuffs.

For the stubborn stains that wouldn’t come off easily, you need to use a little force but be careful not to damage the shoe. Use a piece of clean cloth and apply a small amount of saddle soap or leather soap to make sure that the shoe is thoroughly cleaned. To clean the stains caused by road salt you should use two to one mix of water and white vinegar and lightly dampen the shoe with the mixture and not to saturate it. For the clumpy layers of old polish try using nail polish remover and wipe off gently.


Step 3: polish the shoes for that final glamour

To give your shoe that glamour look you need to apply cream polish or wax for the leather dress shoe. Apply a small amount of polish to a brush and work it a circular manner. Ensure that the polish is evenly spread all over the shoe. After applying the polish buff the shoe with a clean piece of cloth or another clean brush. Buffing evens out the polish or wax to give your shoe that shiny, clean look.



Step 4: spit shine

This is the last step in cleaning your dress shoe. If you want to achieve that mirror-like shine to your shoes then a spit shine is important. Polish and buff at least twice and leave the dress shoe to dry preferably overnight. Then, after the shoe is dry sprinkle a few drops of water to the shoe and give it a final buff for that perfect shine glamour.



Now you can achieve that perfect and glamorous look to your dress shoe. No more embarrassing moments when you look at your shoe clashing with your outfit. Boost your confidence with a nice and clean dress shoe.

All the best!



What you need to start vlogging

What you need to start vlogging

Vlogging has taken up the internet, with a whopping 44% of the world’s internet users enjoying at least one vlog per month. There is nothing complicated about vlogging. It is just a form of blogging, only that instead of writing a blog post, you record a video and upload it to the internet.

Vloggers record a wide range of activities, from their own private life to events. You just need to figure out the right niche to target. Nonetheless, you need to select a niche that you love. It will be difficult to maintain consistency for the long term if you start with something you don’t love.

The most common channel for vlogging is YouTube, majorly because of its popularity across the globe. However, there are other platforms where you can post your videos. These include Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, LiveLeak, Veoh, Break and Metacafe.

To get started with vlogging, you definitely need some equipment – apart from passion to create excellent content. Today, we expound on the main instruments you need.

What do I need to start vlogging?

i) Camera

First and foremost, you need to have a good camera to record your videos. You may not have the best vlogging camera, but for you to attract long-term followers you need to produce quality work. Actually, you can always use a phone with a brilliant camera.

ii) Tripod

A stable tripod will also come in handy. This will ensure that your videos are not shaky. No one wants to watch shaky videos past 3 seconds!

iii) Proper lighting

Always ensure that you have the perfect lighting before you start recording your video. This will guarantee that quality will be top-notch. If you are outdoors, nature will have you sorted out. However, if you want to record indoors, you need to buy a lighting kit.

iv) Editing software

You need to edit your videos before posting, to improve on quality. You may use your PCs software for basic editing, but if you want to take it to the next level, you need premium software. The likes of Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro will give you the freedom to play around with some amazing features.

v) A platform to post

As previously mentioned, you need a platform to upload your videos. I would recommend starting with a YouTube channel as this will give you the most exposure. The kind of viewership YouTube has is unmatched.


If you are looking to start vlogging, you must have asked yourself whether it’s possible to start off and become a hit. The answer is that you never know till you start. Every journey starts with a single step. Most importantly, select the best equipment to match your passion and you’ll have started an exciting journey.