Effective Steps to Potty Training

One of the major steps that make a child feel that they are indeed independent is being able to poop on their own as well as pee without having to soil their clothes or wearing diapers. It makes the child feel that they are indeed big people and that they can do toileting without any supervision or clothes that block their way to freedom.

In this post, we look at how to potty train your child.

How to know that your child is ready for potty training

  1. That they are able to remove their clothes i.e. trouser, stockings.
  2. That the child can stay dry for two hours
  3. That the child has shown interest in using the toilet
  4. That the child can walk and sit on a potty
  5. That the child has informed you on times when they want to poo or pee
  6. That the child can follow basic instructions

When you have observed all these and felt that the kid is ready for potty training, go ahead and fetch the equipment for doing this. You will need the potty training basin as well as baby flushable wipes that are good for potty training.

Steps in Potty training

Now that you have the equipment, go ahead and proceed in these easy to follow steps that have been recommended in this blog:

  1. Encourage the child to sit on the potty regularly especially when they wake up and at the times that you know they usually poo or pee.
  2. Have the kid wearing loosely fitting pants and at times, leave them naked from the waist down.
  3. Place as many potty basins as possible in the house so that they are easily reachable by the child
  4. Have potty breaks where the kid sits on the potty basin without any diapers
  5. Notice signs quickly of the child wanting to use the potty such as squirming, squatting or holding their genitals since this could be communication that either pee or poo is on its way.
  6. Encourage good hygiene where the child is supposed to wash their hands after using the toilet. You also need to have them learn how to wipe their bums from front to back and never the other way because germs might find their way from the rectum to the genitalia area which is not a good thing
  7. Once the child has mastered using the potty, you can ditch the diapers
  8. Be ready for accidents—potty training a child is one of the most difficult things that every child has to work on. You therefore need to know that it is never going to be easy and there will be mishaps here and there where the child poops without the potty. You need not be too tough on yourself or on the child. Take it kindly and laugh it off.

Right Products for your Urinary Incontinence


Living with incontinence is usually an embarrassing state for most people. They become withdrawn and refuse to associate with others. However, this does not have to be so. There are various products, remedies and treatment that you can use to improve your quality of life.

  1. Medication

Depending on the type of incontinence, the doctor may prescribe;

Anticholinergics for calming over reactive bladders i.e. urge incontinence

Mirabegron which relaxes bladder muscles and as a result increases the amount of urine that a bladder can hold

Alpha blockers- this is used by men for relaxing bladder neck muscles in the prostate making it easier to empty the bladder

  1. Medical devices

Urethral insert- This is a tampon like device for women with incontinence with incontinence. It is inserted into the urethra before activities that may trigger incontinence and removed before urination.

Pessary – this is a ring-like device that women insert into their vagina all day. It helps in holding up the bladder thus preventing urine leakage.

Nerve stimulators- this is a device that is similar to a pacemaker and is inserted under the skin of an incontinent person. It delivers electrical pulses to nerves that are responsible for bladder control thus helping to control incontinence.

  1. Pads and catheters

Absorbent pads – these are just like normal under-wears but they trap urine keeping the person dry and minimize odors. They can either be disposable or re-usable.

Incontinence clamps- this is an incontinence device for men that constricts the penis to decrease the amount of urine leakage. People with any mental disability are not advised to use this product as they may leave the clamp on for longer times which could cause penile damage.

Catheter- this is a soft tube inserted into the urethra several times a day to drain the bladder. It is re-usable and requires a lot of hygiene. This is useful for people who have problems emptying their bladders properly.


Phenq side effects

No matter the hype and the marketing gimmicks that the manufacturers and promoters of phenq might try to propagate, it has some side effects. Actually, all weight loss pills have their side effects. The only sure way to lose weight without side effects is the natural way where you exercise and eat lean. This may however take long and therefore most people want a short cut.

Phenq side effects

The phenq side effects are easily discernible even to a weight loss newbie. They are written there in black and white on the sales page:

phenq side effects

  1. Do not take the pills past 3pm
  2. Not for use by pregnant mothers
  3. Not for use by diabetic patients

Those three statements say it all: they ring a bell. For the first statement, it actually means that taking the diet pill might cause insomnia and anxiety: two side effects that are attached to taking too much caffeine or green tea beverages.

For the second statement, it means that the ingredients are far reaching and might actually reach the foetus in your womb. You do not want to bear a baby whom weight loss pills have affected, do you?

The third statement is a disclaimer that no one who is diabetic should take the supplement. We dug out why and realized that it was because of nopal. You see nopal is a cactus like plant that grows naturally in the deserts. It is eaten by the desert tribes who want to suppress appetite as much as possible as they make do with the little available in those arid areas. When you take nopal, you curb your craving so much that you will never know when you are starving. This should never occur to a diabetic person. They need to know when they are hungry so that they can take food lest they pass out.

We also found out that nopal causes headache, dizziness and a dry mouth—things that you would naturally feel when you are starving.

Nopal and its interactions with drugs

The WebMd has said that use of nopal affects people who are on other drugs so if you are under other medication of any kind, ask your physician for help before taking phenq.


If you are allergic to nopal, then phenq is not your portion. Why? It causes  complications  such as asthma and other respiratory problems. So rather than start popping one anti-histamine after the other, better be safe and ask your doctor. You can also see this review at increasetestosterone.review on unbiased reviews of phenq.



Health benefits of pizza

Sometimes back, everytime I would go to town and see binge eating pizza, I despised them. Did they not know that what they were eating was so unhealthy? Why would they even eat junk and feel posh at all. Then there was this time when I visited a nutritionist friend of mine in town and he took me to a pizza place and was like, “ Why did you bring me here? Is Pizza not unhealthy?” I asked him confused

“No pizza is great for your body” and I was dumbfounded.

All those years, I had thought that pizza was unhealthy and would make me fat, yet here was a doctor friend telling me that pizza is the real deal if I want to stay healthy.

He actually went on to show this to me

Why pizza is good for you?

Pizza has awesome nutrients

The main ingredient in pizza is vegetables and this are very nutritious for you since they give your body a great boost of vitamins. The flour also gives you a dose of carbs which is good for energy. If you are not a vegan, you can add some slices of bacon and this is  a good source of proteins as well trace elements such as zinc.

Pizza helps fight cancer

Yes, you read that right. I was also doubtful when this nutritionist guy said so but he was good enough to go and explain it to me. Pizza is made with lots of tomato sauce. Tomato sauce contains a main ingredient called lycopene. Now lycopene is great in fighting cancer as explained by the Health Sciences Institute.

Pizza is not fried

Unlike French fries that are fried and served to you, pizza is baked in an oven and therefore gives you assurance that you are not eating unhealthy fats that would then push you to start popping get lean fat burner pills such as phenq

Pizza can boost immunity

The same lycopene in the tomato sauce has been found to contain Vitamin C which boosts your immunity. Therefore people who take pizza are likely to not get common colds.

Pizza is easy to make or get

Imagine coming from work hungry and really tired. Making a full meal would take so long yet you are so famished that you could swallow a baby. Making pizza is easy since all you require is the right ingredients and the best pizza oven and you are done.


Do you need a heated bed?

Let’s say that it is in the winter and the cold night winds are killing you. You try everything from wearing lots of clothes, eating really well and drinking coffee before going to bed(though it will cause insomnia) but you still find that the cold draughts are just too much. You put on more blankets but it does not help. SO you decide to turn on the bedroom heating and everything is good until they send you the power bills. They are so high that you wonder what to do.

You decide there and then that bedroom heating is not your thing. It is creating such a huge dent in your pocket that you wonder what to do next. Then a bird tells you that there are electric blankets and heated mattress pads that can solve your pain points. You jump into it and go ahead to buy the products from an online store. You start using them and everything is great.

Well, though I do not want to sound promotional or anything, electric blankets and heated mattress pads are really good for one who does not want to wear hundreds of clothes at night or turn on the heating system or worse still heap a pile of blankets on top of them.


You however need to know the health hazards of these products

Can cause infertility

Heat can cause male infertility. So you need to be sure that you do not get the heated bedding in between your feet since when high heat touches your groin, you might as well say goodbye to your fertility. Yes, you will not be able to manufacture sperms and you will soon be shooting blanks.

Fire hazards

If anything can go wrong with electricity, then everything can go wrong with heated bedding. Though they have power regulators, there are old –fashioned ones that could overheat and even result in fire right when you are underneath sawing some lumber.

Not good for numb diabetes patients

With diabetes patients, most of their nerves are numb and they would not know when they overheat their beddings. This could result in burns.

Are a no-no for kids.

For heaven’s sake, I would not recommend this beddings for kids. I do not have a reason right here but I just don’t like the idea of electricity and children being bed-fellows.

Once you wash, they can electrocute you.

So my mother decided to wash this electric blanket that my father had bought. She was electrocuted and later learnt that there are not to be washed.


Best Small Home Gym

 home gym

For lowbudget bodybuilders who would like to workout, we have already said that they can make use of affordable supplements and today, we shall look at setting up a small home gym. For you to set up the best small home gym, you have to ensure that you make the best use of you limited space.

Factor in your limited space at home

So you will not be getting bulky equipment such as a squat rack, a gym bench or a bulky treadmill machine. It is not that these machines or equipment are not important. They are but due to limited space at home, most homes that is, you can find alternative exercise routines.


For instance, with a pair of dumbbells you can squat and do bench press variations and still achieve the same results you would achieve by using a squat rack and a gym bench.

Dumbbells are not the only compact home gym equipment. But if you’re into weight lifting and building some muscle, you should definitely get yourself a set of adjustable dumbbells.

If you’re into body weight workouts, then pieces of equipment such as push up handles and pull up bars should definitely be on your shopping list for home gym equipment.


When buying equipment for your home gym, it is important to consider how the items will be stored when not in use. If it is a machine it should be foldable to occupy less space. Other products should have a storage case or a rack.


Sometimes you might not get products that have a storage case or rack. Therefore, to ensure your workout area at home stays neat and usable, you might just have to buy or build your storage rack. With all this said, you need to be disciplined enough to ensure that you arrange your equipment nicely.


Now, one challenge with buying these items is settling on the best one. This is why review sites such as Home Fitness Arena  so valuable. They do the leg work for us and list the best products and in this case, they mostly list home gym equipment.

Natural Methods for Eliminating Wrinkles


As the world is moving forward every year, all industries are growing tremendously. New inventions are popping up and old ones are receiving significant improvements. The recent years have been met with a lot of progressive changes in the beauty world. People are moving from body lotions and cosmetic surgeries whenever they need to make an improvement in their body. Let us take the case of wrinkle elimination. Traditionally, people have relied on anti-wrinkle products, beauty serums and surgical operations. However, in the past few years professionals from the medical industry have introduced products such as essential oils and chest wrinkle pads.


Both of these mechanisms are fairly natural and have less side effects when compared to surgeries and body creams. Essential oils are derived from herbal plants that are rich in healing properties. Most of them are linked to antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, carminative, anti-fungal, deodorant, and odor eliminating properties. Accordingly, they are cable of treating a wide range of health conditions including skin related conditions. Essential oils such as lavender, tea tree and Roman chamomile are excellent for skin.

On the other hand, chest wrinkle pads or rather decollate pads are silicone based.  In addition to eliminating wrinkles, silicone minimizes the effects of the sun on the skin.  It is also known for hydrating the skin and keeping it moisturized. Chest pads are economical because most of them can be reused up to one month duration. Additionally, they do not require any special care apart from minimal handwashing.

The essential oils and wrinkle pads technologies can only be described as revolutionary. The fact that they can be used together or with other methods such as body creams makes them even better. For example, a user can decide apply a mixture of essential oils during the day and a chest pad during the night. It is important to note that most essential oils should be diluted with a carrier oil. Normally, they are highly concentrated and when used alone, they can have severe irritation.  Using more than one method of wrinkle elimination at ago provides faster results. However, the methods used should be compatible.

There are wrinkle pads that are better than others. Some of the factors to consider before buying include; cost, brand, and features. Whenever you are buying any product, always ensure that the price is reasonable. It should resonate with the features of the product and its reputation. Reading user reviews provides knowledge of whether a product meets the manufacturer’s promises or not.


The key to lower back injury and pain prevention is physical conditioning. This means you need to exercise get into shape by adding aerobic exercises and strength training that can target your core, hip and thigh muscles as these are responsible for stabilizing your spine. Strengthening these muscles are critical in developing a pain-free and healthy back.


The hip flexors, hamstrings and core muscles are among the most important groups of muscles to look after in stabilizing your back. These are necessary for long term mobility as well, especially on the lower half of your body. Keeping these muscles well-conditioned and in shape are vital in the prevention of knee, hip and back issues. Neglect them and your health will surely suffer the consequences..


The Importance of Hip Flexors For Your Lower Back


Compared to other major muscles in the body, the hip flexors are not as well understood by the general public. Part of the problem why these muscles are usually neglected is that unlike the core and hamstrings, these muscles are not visible to the eyes. Their importance of hip flexors are usually taken into action when pain in the back and hips start to become a problem.


The health of your lumbar spine (lower back, specifically the L1-L5 vertebrae and discs) is affected by the actions of the hamstrings and hip flexors. When one of the muscles are imbalanced, tight or weak, the lower back is immediately subject to muscle strains and even lead to spinal injuries.


Staying inactive for a long period of time partly causes your hip flexors and hamstrings to tighten. At this state, the muscles are shortened while the nerve activity and the blood circulation in the muscles are compromised. As a result, the muscles become weak and grow less responsive. When not addressed, tight and weak muscles will cause fatigue on the pelvis and lumbar spine.


Relation of Your Core Muscles To Your Back Stability

The most popular muscle people know today that can help stabilize the back is the core muscles. You can consider the core as the group of muscles connecting your lower and upper back. Certain movements like mopping the floor or hitting a tennis ball originate from these muscles. But necessary body motions will be difficult to perform if you do not have a stable back.


Just like the hip flexors, your core enhances stability and balance. It prevents falls and injuries especially when carrying out sports or other physical activities. No matter what kind motion you perform with your torso and thighs, it will always ripple upward and downward. This means that maintaining your hip flexors and hamstrings alone is not sufficient to attain a healthy and stable back.


An expert in spine function and injury prevention and rehabilitation at the University of Waterloo, Ontario named Stuart McGill stated that to attain back stability, you must exercise the core particularly the abdominal muscles called lateral obliques and the so-called “six pack”.


While it is important to build a strong core, it is also unwise to put all your efforts at developing your obliques and abs alone. Overtraining these while neglecting the muscles in your hips and back can put you at an even greater risk of lower back pain and injury.


Remember this rule – it is through a combined action of maintaining your core muscles, hamstring and hip flexors to stabilize your back and prevent back pain. Attain this and you will surely maintain a good posture, improve balance and stability, enjoy activities like sports, carry out housework like gardening with ease and experience a life free of back pain.


Through a regimen of exercises that will target the hip flexors, hamstrings and core, you can surely stabilize your back muscles and spine.


In the event that you are already suffering from back-related problems, an experienced physical therapist may assist you in back stabilization exercises. You will most likely be introduced to a multi-component program that involves education or training, strength, flexibility, and endurance in the muscles.