Your Car Upholstery Speaks of your personality

You are the car that you drive. Yes, indeed. People will judge you by how great the car looks. How awesomely cleaned it is and all that. If you are driving a shoddy vehicle, so will people judge you as shoddy and all that. If you are a guy like me though who pays close attention to what they are driving in, so will people think you to be organized, wealthy and important.

Cars determine your personality. And it is not just the outside. No, the inside is where the rubber meets the road. You have to invest a good number of your pennies, time, ingenuity and all that to make sure that your car interior looks the part so that when someone gets inside it, the first words that escape their mouths is, “You must be wealthy. I have immediately fallen in love with your auto!”

I came to  this realization when I was just a rookie lawyer working for a firm. While the associates drove this second hand cars, the partners drove new, sleek cars. And so, you would just be able to distinguish between an associate and  a partner at the firm by a simple look at what they were driving. And then I came in. The rookie who turned the tables. My car was far from new. It was infact a hand-me-down from my rich brother. But I made sure that it looked new.

I did a good repaint and then did the most tasking part; revamping the interior. I bought these awesome leather best car seat covers and then went ahead to make sure that the luxurious theme was maintained throughout the car. After doing all this, the results were so amazing that everyone wanted to ride in it.

On getting inside the car, you were met by this awesome upholstery that greeted you and ushered you in. You felt as though you were riding in a limousine because of the time I had spent working on the little details. And so, everyone called me the rookie partner because my car looked better than any other person at the firm.

Bed bumpers: Who needs them?


The last time we looked at beds, we talked about heated mattresses. So today, I want us to focus on the safety of the bed occupants.

So you have an adult patient whom you are nursing from home and are fearing that they might fall in their sleep and are wondering what to do. So, you do not want to use those metallic side rails since the patient has bouts of seizures and they might just get hurt by the bed rails since they are so hard and metallic. At the same time, you do not want them to get entrapped since the FDA has already said that so many deaths and injuries that were recorded related to hospital beds involved the patients getting entrapped and suffocating as they tried to get themselves free from the entrapment.

And so, you are really looking for a solution since the patient is really paranoid about sleeping in an open bed since they have a history of rolling over in their nightmares and landing on the floor in pain. So, you think about bed bumpers for adults since you have been told that they are really effective in that:

  1. They prevent hospital bed entrapment where the patient might get trapped between the mattress and the under bed rail
  2. You do not want them to fall in their sleep
  3. You want them to have a soft cushion that keeps them from falling since metallic bed rails are just a danger.

Who needs bed bumpers

Children who are transitioning from the crib to the bed

Parents with toddlers who are just too big for the crib and now want to move on to the bed will find bumpers very invaluable. Why? The child is not within a cage that they might feel they are in when on a railed crib. They will therefore feel comfortable and somehow independent without the risk of falling at night.

Demented adults

Lets imagine that you are having a demented adult who might fall during the night as they try to move away in their dementia. Bumpers would come in handy

Muscular dystrophy kids

If you are having someone with DMD, you very well know that they are helpless and they might just roll and fall in their sleep. Rails are like prisons but bumpers are soft and make the person feel as though they are not in a cage.

Adult patients receiving home care

After buying your best hospital bed for home use, you will find that the patient requires bed bumpers for adults to prevent them from falls and entrapment.

This is why South Shore Fynn Twin Bed is the Best Toddler Bed in the market?

It is not conducive to sleep in a bed with kids especially if a toddler moves a lot or kicks while asleep. For you and your spouse to also have private time together it is crucial that your baby gets their own bed.

Children often react differently when transitioning; it may be easy or hard for some. There are various ways in which you can make it easier:

  • Always watch for the baby’s readiness to move out since forceful removal may be met with great resistance. Once the baby starts to climb out of the crib or asks for a bigger bed then it is time to take the initiative.
  • Do not push the baby into a big bed as the child may fail to fall asleep even though time to get him out of the crib may have arrived. The child getting to understand that moving into a toddler bed does not make them wake up anyhow at night is very important.
  • To see if the baby can adapt moving to a toddler bed then you can borrow one to see if the child will like it before you decide to buy one.
  • Placing the bed exactly where the crib used to be with the same beddings is one way of increasing chances of acceptance since the child will be familiar with them.
  • Always make it an exciting thing to do by involving your child when purchasing the bed and beddings.
  • Make sure that the baby has a regular bedtime routine as it becomes easier for the child to understand that the time to go to bed and sleep has come.

For safety of your child, look for the following when buying him a bed:

  • The toddler bed should sit lower to the ground to make it easier for your child to get into and out of the bed thus reducing injuries that may come with falling.
  • A wooden framed bed will be the most appropriate one since it is sturdier but if you decide to go for a metal framed one then make sure that the screws and joints are secure for the baby not to wobble whenever climbing into or out of it.

South shore fynn twin bed is wooden and most recommended for teenagers

  • The guardrails should be well attached to the bed frame and be flush with the mattress so that the baby does not fall out of bed whenever turning.
  • The design of the bed frame should not jut out and the edges should be round in shape and not sharp to protect your child from being jabbed.
  • Choose a bed which has been made with non-toxic paint since some paints contain harmful chemicals or may be allergic. A bed with natural paints and finishing is what you should go for. Select a mattress that properly fits the frame, firm to prevent suffocation and retardant to fire.
  • Go for a bed that your mattress fully fits in without leaving any gap to avoid your baby from being trapped.

Other factors to consider include:

  • Consumer safety ratings to make sure that the bed has met required standards and safety regulations.
  • Choose a bed that is easy to put together and its style should be child-friendly and exciting to sleep in. It should also be budget- friendly and safer at the same time.
  • Also use a mattress protector since some kids wets the bed to prevent the mattress from being damaged.


Best Vacuum Cleaners for your Shag Carpet

We all love our shag carpets, don’t we? The smoothness, the softness and wooliness gives it this homely feeling, right. Cleaning the shag carpet though is quite a hustle. If you clean it with soap and water using your hands, you might have to wait for eternity before it dries. And I have not yet mentioned how hard that would be. But how about if you cleaned your shag carpet with a vacuum cleaner?

Well not every vacuum cleaner will do. There are those that are going to destroy it by removing some of its wools and there you go, the shagginess will go yet that is what makes it your ideal carpet.

Needless to say, you need to have the best vacuum cleaner for your shag carpet. You see your shag carpet harbors all sorts of dirt, dust and debris. It needs a thorough clean if you are going to trust your kids to sleep on it and play on it without attracting any skin infections.

So, what do you look out for when choosing your shag carpet cleaner?

shag carpet cleaner

  1. Ease of maneuvering—cleaning a shag carpet ain’t easy. And it gets even harder when the cleaner you are using is hard to maneuver. With an easy to maneuver cleaner though, things get better.
  2. Anti-Allergic—say that you are cleaning your shag carpet in one room and the in the next room is your old mother who has asthma. With a non-anti-allergic carpet cleaner, small particles of dust will be blown away into the air and they would find their way to your mother. She is going to start coughing and the next thing is wheezing and…You know..
  3. Pet hair removal—dogs and cats love shag carpets and most often, you will find them playing with the wooly carpet leaving all their hair and fur on it. Your shag carpet cleaner should be able to remove all these hair.
  4. Accessories. Accessories

An awesome shag carpet cleaner comes with a wide range of accessories to help you with the task at hand e.g a soft dusting brush, tangle free turbine tool and a stair tool.

Wrap Up

I hope that the guide will help you in choosing your shag carpet cleaner whether you are looking for one for domestic use or even the best industrial vacuum cleaners for industries that have that shaggy red carpet.




Quality recording of your music, radio drama or class presentation all depends on the tools that you use.

It is a classical case of GIGO (Garbage in, Garbage out) so what do you need for good recording.

  1. Have the best laptop for music production
  2. Have quality microphones
  3. Have great editing software
  4. Have a good studio so that you do not get interference while recording.

At the same time, you will need a great producer who knows their job really well and does it with lots of professionalism.

Editing should be top-notch with the editor removing all the noisy parts leaving behind the best quality production you could ever imagine of. They should have the best effects be they free or premium.


Well I have a new cue case that I got from my wife as a Christmas gift and I really gift and I was looking for Ideas on what I can keep in it as I travel from place to place. This is not your normal 1×1 case’ she gave me an amazing 3×6 cue case that came with 2 huge pockets by the side that left me amazed. I now feel like an expert in billiards and snooker as I list all that I will be carrying in it. I asked some friends for suggestions on what to carry in it since it’s my first time to have such a spacious case and this is what they had to say.

The first thing that everybody recommended is to have a re-tipping kit in the case as this is what they considered to be the most essential item for any serious player. I agree with them since I have used quite a handsome amount on getting my tip fixed every now and then. The earlier I learn to do it myself the better I will be in this whole game. This kit occupies a small space hence you have space for other items.

The icue ball takes the second position and it caught me by surprise as I had just ordered one. The beauty with this ball is that as a learner you can easily tell when you are hitting the same spot. Luckily it fits perfectly in the small pocket at the top.

A cue cloth is a perfect suggestion as well. Having the cloth with you ensures that your hands remain dry at all times during the game. Having a nice cloth also ensure s that your cues are dry and clean as well.

Other items that made it to the list are: a box of chalk, alcohol wipes to work hand in hand with the towel, a toothbrush to keep your ultimate tip tool clean, a breaker and a jumper, cue tip glue, spare tips, a magic eraser among others.

What was interesting was to hear someone suggest I keep my old cue in the case as well. The old cue is a wonderful addition since it can be used to break or even give it out to friends who would like to play. The ideas were amazing and you can adopt my list to ensure that your new cue case has something for you as you carry it along.


1×1 pool cue case







Why choose 6×9 speakers and not 6×8 or any other speaker? 6×9 speakers are oval in shape with a diameter of 6 inches and a width of 9 inches. They come with the exact measurements as a woofer cone speaker and are mostly installed at the side doors or rear of the car. If installed properly, these speakers produce an excellent range of sounds and a full sounding bass compared to others in the same line. Because of their design, many of the music lovers prefer them especially if there’s a shortage of space and money to install a subwoofer.

6×9 speakers have a number of benefits. First, they produce a great sound, offer a wide range of choices, and are pocket friendly. They can also perform at all frequencies within the sound spectrum. Among the core components of these speakers include a mid-range which enables them to reach high frequencies easily because of the in-built tweeter that comes with the modern systems.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing the best car speakers;

  • Material used

Something made of durable material will give you a longer service. This is no different with these kind of speakers since choosing a good material will play an important role in determining the sound quality of the speaker. Speakers made of rubber could last longer and also give a nice sound; however, to increase durability and get a quality sound, materials coated with aluminum or titanium are more recommended. Polypropylene is used to make the woofer stiffer, light in weight and to bring out the cone shape that produces the low notes continuously. Apart from the materials being durable, make sure that they can withstand the climatic changes especially humidity and extreme temperatures. Also note that something sleek and stylish makes fitting it into your car possible.

  • Frequency response

Frequency is the measure of how wide the range of frequencies is produced by a speaker. It measures the highs and lows coming out from the components of the speaker. Different stereo systems have different frequency ranges and one with a wider frequency range gives a high-quality sound. A speaker with a balanced frequency response is ideal since a system with too much emphasis on either the high or low frequencies will distort the other sounds.

  • Sensitivity

Sensitivity refers to the measure of how much sound a speaker yields from the available power supply; usually, speakers with low sensitivity require high power. Since sensitivity goes hand in hand with power, speakers with high sensitivity are able to easily change the power they receive into a superb bass sound. For you to get the best sound from your system, your speakers need to be able to handle the power that your head unit is putting out.

  • Power handling

This refers to the level of power the speakers can be put through that is measured in watts. Before choosing a speaker, make sure you are aware of the cars maximum RMS power handling. If your stereo system is high powered, you need speakers that can handle a lot of power; reverse is also true.

  • Additional features

Great 6×9 speakers come with additional features such as swiveling twitters, detachable twitters, and external crossovers. Swiveling twitters produce high frequency notes that make your music sound livelier with great sound performance. External crossovers aid in sound reproduction. This is made possible by separating the sounds sending the low frequency one to the woofers and the high frequency one to the tweeter. In the end, what comes out is a great sound with more clarity.

Wrap up

For you to choose the best 6×9 speakers, you need to be informed of the options available in the market and the factors to consider so that you can get the best value for your money. The price should be fair and it should be made of durable material to avoid going back to the shop frequently.