Bed bumpers: Who needs them?


The last time we looked at beds, we talked about heated mattresses. So today, I want us to focus on the safety of the bed occupants.

So you have an adult patient whom you are nursing from home and are fearing that they might fall in their sleep and are wondering what to do. So, you do not want to use those metallic side rails since the patient has bouts of seizures and they might just get hurt by the bed rails since they are so hard and metallic. At the same time, you do not want them to get entrapped since the FDA has already said that so many deaths and injuries that were recorded related to hospital beds involved the patients getting entrapped and suffocating as they tried to get themselves free from the entrapment.

And so, you are really looking for a solution since the patient is really paranoid about sleeping in an open bed since they have a history of rolling over in their nightmares and landing on the floor in pain. So, you think about bed bumpers for adults since you have been told that they are really effective in that:

  1. They prevent hospital bed entrapment where the patient might get trapped between the mattress and the under bed rail
  2. You do not want them to fall in their sleep
  3. You want them to have a soft cushion that keeps them from falling since metallic bed rails are just a danger.

Who needs bed bumpers

Children who are transitioning from the crib to the bed

Parents with toddlers who are just too big for the crib and now want to move on to the bed will find bumpers very invaluable. Why? The child is not within a cage that they might feel they are in when on a railed crib. They will therefore feel comfortable and somehow independent without the risk of falling at night.

Demented adults

Lets imagine that you are having a demented adult who might fall during the night as they try to move away in their dementia. Bumpers would come in handy

Muscular dystrophy kids

If you are having someone with DMD, you very well know that they are helpless and they might just roll and fall in their sleep. Rails are like prisons but bumpers are soft and make the person feel as though they are not in a cage.

Adult patients receiving home care

After buying your best hospital bed for home use, you will find that the patient requires bed bumpers for adults to prevent them from falls and entrapment.


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