Battling The Holiday Gifts Craze for Parents with Special Needs

The holidays are knocking.

Yes, the Christmas season is almost here.

2020 has surprisingly been very short.

So Christmas and New Year are looming closely.

It just has to come despite how hard things have been with the corona virus, job losses, business closures and lockdowns here and there.

So, as a parent of special needs children, this could also be one of the most difficult periods when you have to work your way to ensure that you get the best gifts for your special needs kids.

Handling Stress Related to Christmas Gifts as a Parent to Special Needs Children

Because the truth is that kids will be demanding as always. And will want this year’s Christmas to be better than last year. So they will not care to know how bad things have been but will look at you in anticipation for surprises and gift wrappers hidden just under the Christmas tree.

But the economic times that we are in will probably not allow. So what would you do?

Sit down with them and explain things

Surprisingly, kids are very understanding. But only when things are told to them in black and white.

In calm nice way that they the family is struggling. And so they should not expect much from you. Because let’s face it, you are the breadwinner and have to feed them. Next year, there will be bills to be paid, school fees to be met as well as other needs that you need to furnish.

So, they will empathize with you and tell you, “Mom, it is okay, we understand”

Make some homemade toys for them

If you are a DIY kind of person, you could make some homemade toys for the children.

Yes, you really need not buy anything.

So, let’s say that your kid is autistic and are looking for toys for them. You could make some easy, homemade toys like  these ones.

As you do so, involve the children in this acts and you can be assured that you will have lots of fun as you engage in the activity.

The kids will love the toys and feel really appreciated that you involved them in designing and also the actual making of the toys.

That is what memories are made of!

Look at their safety and functionality rather than spoil them with gifts

Rather than buy them fancy toys and clothes yet you are on a limited budget, it would be good to look at functionality of the toys that you buy as well as safety. Prioritize these two and the kids will still feel good that they got something from you during the holidays.

If for the example your kid is on the autism spectrum disorder, you could think of getting them toys that help them with speech. You could also get them board games since children on the spectrum do really like solving puzzles

On the other hand, if the child has cerebral palsy, they will need toys that help them with their fine motor skills, cognition, companionship and social play. So, think of something that does capture this.


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