Trampolining for Autistic Kids is Theraupetic

autistic kids trampolining
Trampolining has been found to be therapeutic for kids on the autism spectrum disorder

Research after research done by Autism Spectrum experts has shown that trampolining will be of great benefit to your child on the autism spectrum disorder. Other than giving them freedom as they jump jump up in the air, the trampoline also helps by acting as a therapeutic physical activity that keeps the child engaged and help them release some of the bottled up energies that they might have.

Due to this kind of research most of the entertainment parks in the developed countries such as the USA have actually gone ahead to create ‘autistics only’ entertainment moments. This is mapped out such that no other kid or adult is accepted at the entertainment venues when those kids with sensory processing disorders are called in.

During such moments, the lights are kept at minimum while blaring noise is kept low. The visiting autistic kids might also be asked to come in with their sensory headphones so  that they are not irked by too much noise and that the headphones might muffle out unwanted noise through active noise control.

This acts as a great moment for the ASD kids as they are not bothered by other normal kids who might bully them, talk about them or just make unnecessary noise.

And then the trampolining for the autistic kids begin. Reviews by parents have shown that their kids while leaving such entertainment places look more contented, happy and really excited. They are able to explore their energies as well as feel that indeed they were in a therapeutic session.

The parents of the kids with sensory processing disorder say that they look up to those moments when on that dull Sunday afternoon, their kids on the ASD are able to access the trampoline, jump, enjoy without being bullied or attracting a scene.

How to choose the most comfortable air mattress

The thing with air mattresses is that one size never fits all. One type that is very comfortable for the average built person can be a total nightmare for a heavy person and vice versa.  With the knowledge that proper rest is essential to the well-being and productivity of every human being, it is important to invest in the best air mattress for the heavy person.

If you are overweight, you most likely have had a bad experience with air mattresses. The reason is that finding the right air mattress with high capacity for heavy people is a huge hassle. Most comfortable air mattresses are carefully constructed with reinforcements to serve the bigger people and are therefore more durable.

Why get the best air mattress for heavy people

A heavy person needs a firmer mattress than the standard product. The good news about air mattresses is that they give you the luxury of increasing or reducing the amount of air your pump in till it reaches the ultimate comfort. The fact that you can adjust the firmness is considered to be beneficial for people with back problems.

They are necessary for guest rooms, camping as well as temporarily sleeping solutions. Some of the factors that you need to consider when you are choosing a heavy-duty inflated device include:

Material thickness

To gauge the material thickness, you need to look at the height distance of the air mattress from the ground. If it seems to be so low on the ground, then you will have a tough time getting on and off the mattress. The thickness of the mattress enhances the level of comfort and makes it easy to get in and out of bed

Internal support construction

Always go for a make that uses high-quality material. You can get this information from the heavy-duty label. A heavy-duty mattress incorporates the use of optimum quality materials that can withstand massive bodies. Proper construction ensures that the air mattress stays firm and flat despite carrying a lot of weight. It also helps avoid waking up with some parts of your body sunk in the bed.

A built-in pump is a welcome addition because it is very convenient. However, if you are looking for a camping air mattress, this feature is not so important.


If you have two plus-size people, then you will have to consider its size. In this case, you will need to look at the width so that one of you does not end up rolling off the mattress.

Weight Capacity

The truth is that most air mattresses come with various weight restrictions; however, most people are not aware of this. When shopping look for a product with enough weight capacity to suit you so that you do not exceed its weight capacity.  The highest load capacity air mattress eliminates the risk of leak or breaking


While there are many air mattresses available, you will need to go for one that ticks all the above requirements. With the most comfortable air mattress, you can be sure that you will continue reaping numerous benefits from a relaxed and healthy sleep.

Toilet Seat for Heavy People

If you are looking for the best toilet seat for heavy people, then the big John 1W open front seat should be the think you should be looking for. It can support a weight of upto 1200lbs, made of durable strong plastic, has rubber bumpers to ensure no wiggling and its open front seat design allow easy back to front wiping. You shall never regret or get embarrassed for breaking another toilet seat after getting this big john design.

My cousin recently visited me and was to stay over for a few weeks. He was in the quest to look for a job and had been dropping his application letters in one company after the other. So fortunately, most of the companies invited him for interviews. It was purely coincidental that he had to attend all of them in three weeks. So he came over to my house as he attended the interviews rather than travel all the way from up-country to town every time he had an interview to appear at. To cut the long story short, he broke my toilet seat. Not that he wanted to but it just happened because he is a rather heavy person.

Who am I kidding, he is obese. And I should have noticed that he would have trouble with my toilet seat the very moment he set into the home. He weighs over 400lbs while my toilet seat is standard and can only support weight limits of upto 220lbs. So I do not blame him. But come on, never had I seen it coming!

It was really awkward. After his visiting the toilet the first time, the next thing I noticed is that it was wiggling; a thing that had never happened. And then, it happened. The second time he went in, he came out embarrassed. And then he hit me with the news, “Man, I broke your toilet seat” I thought it was a joke until I went in and found out that he was not fibbing. It was lying there; broken, tortured and unusable.

The Big John 3 open front toilet seat for heavy person

So we went on a quest to get a toilet seat for heavy people. And fortunately, we came across the big john 3 open front toilet seat. You see I had to buy it because I had promised him that were he to get a job in town, he would be staying in my house from then on.

Reviewing the big john toilet seats for obese

Features of the Big John 3 Open front toilet seat

  1. It is 2″ extra raised which is a good thing for obese people or those with their hip or knee replaced. People with back pains would also be insisting on a toilet seat raiser.
  2. Very strong and durable material
  3. It has 19″ topping which is 5″ extra to your standard toilet seat. Any extra plump person will find this to be very good so that they seat without spilling over.
  4. The front seat design allows one to wipe easily back to front with a lot of ease.

What we loved about the Big John 3 Toilet seat

  • Ergonomic design that allows one to use it without any back pain or strain
  • It will not wiggle or produce any alarming noises
  • Has a weight limit of upto 1200lbs so my cousin was sorted
  • The open front design allowed us to wipe back to front while still seated.

What could do with some improvement

Although we really loved buying this toilet seat for heavy person, we found out that the following could do with some improvement

  • Compared to other toilets, this was a tad too expensive and low income earners might not be comfortable parting with the amount you are required to pay for it.
  • It takes a lot of time to install. Plus you would need screws and a whole set of tool kits which do not come with the shipment.

Rise of Tech and Speech Delay Among Toddlers

As much as we may like our tech gadgets which we have now become addicted to and passed on the obsession to our toddlers, we need to realize the negatives that this has brought. Studies have shown that the more technology exposure that your kid below 2 years has, the more they are likely to suffer from speech delay. While you might be giving them that tech gadget so that they can have better vocabulary, learn to speak faster and be entertained by that smartphone as you finish your house chores, the more likely they are to get less verbally expressive.

Catchy songs that have hooked kids below 2 years such as Baby Shark doo doo have been found to be created with addiction in mind. No wonder the guys at Silicon Valley do not want their kids anywhere near the very gadgets that they design! Why? They are nothing but addictive and could end up hampering their normal development.

When growing up, your kid needs you to speak with them, to play with them and engage them. Be their entertainment but not some meaningless and catchy songs or games that have them hooked on the screen for days and days on end.

So does it mean that your kid is to have zero screen time?

If possible to have zero screen time, the better. However, most parents will not be able to make this work since they want to do other things as they take care of their kids. And here is where the confusion starts. For those belwo 2 years, have no screen time at all. Do this for their own good.

For kids between 2 to 5 years, you can have maximum 1 hour screen time. During this time, it should however the censored. How?

  • Have the kid only watch beneficial, educative programs
  • Discuss what they are watching
  • Incorporate what they watched into their everyday lives.

Effective Steps to Potty Training

One of the major steps that make a child feel that they are indeed independent is being able to poop on their own as well as pee without having to soil their clothes or wearing diapers. It makes the child feel that they are indeed big people and that they can do toileting without any supervision or clothes that block their way to freedom.

In this post, we look at how to potty train your child.

How to know that your child is ready for potty training

  1. That they are able to remove their clothes i.e. trouser, stockings.
  2. That the child can stay dry for two hours
  3. That the child has shown interest in using the toilet
  4. That the child can walk and sit on a potty
  5. That the child has informed you on times when they want to poo or pee
  6. That the child can follow basic instructions

When you have observed all these and felt that the kid is ready for potty training, go ahead and fetch the equipment for doing this. You will need the potty training basin as well as baby flushable wipes that are good for potty training.

Steps in Potty training

Now that you have the equipment, go ahead and proceed in these easy to follow steps that have been recommended in this blog:

  1. Encourage the child to sit on the potty regularly especially when they wake up and at the times that you know they usually poo or pee.
  2. Have the kid wearing loosely fitting pants and at times, leave them naked from the waist down.
  3. Place as many potty basins as possible in the house so that they are easily reachable by the child
  4. Have potty breaks where the kid sits on the potty basin without any diapers
  5. Notice signs quickly of the child wanting to use the potty such as squirming, squatting or holding their genitals since this could be communication that either pee or poo is on its way.
  6. Encourage good hygiene where the child is supposed to wash their hands after using the toilet. You also need to have them learn how to wipe their bums from front to back and never the other way because germs might find their way from the rectum to the genitalia area which is not a good thing
  7. Once the child has mastered using the potty, you can ditch the diapers
  8. Be ready for accidents—potty training a child is one of the most difficult things that every child has to work on. You therefore need to know that it is never going to be easy and there will be mishaps here and there where the child poops without the potty. You need not be too tough on yourself or on the child. Take it kindly and laugh it off.

Right Products for your Urinary Incontinence


Living with incontinence is usually an embarrassing state for most people. They become withdrawn and refuse to associate with others. However, this does not have to be so. There are various products, remedies and treatment that you can use to improve your quality of life.

  1. Medication

Depending on the type of incontinence, the doctor may prescribe;

Anticholinergics for calming over reactive bladders i.e. urge incontinence

Mirabegron which relaxes bladder muscles and as a result increases the amount of urine that a bladder can hold

Alpha blockers- this is used by men for relaxing bladder neck muscles in the prostate making it easier to empty the bladder

  1. Medical devices

Urethral insert- This is a tampon like device for women with incontinence with incontinence. It is inserted into the urethra before activities that may trigger incontinence and removed before urination.

Pessary – this is a ring-like device that women insert into their vagina all day. It helps in holding up the bladder thus preventing urine leakage.

Nerve stimulators- this is a device that is similar to a pacemaker and is inserted under the skin of an incontinent person. It delivers electrical pulses to nerves that are responsible for bladder control thus helping to control incontinence.

  1. Pads and catheters

Absorbent pads – these are just like normal under-wears but they trap urine keeping the person dry and minimize odors. They can either be disposable or re-usable.

Incontinence clamps- this is an incontinence device for men that constricts the penis to decrease the amount of urine leakage. People with any mental disability are not advised to use this product as they may leave the clamp on for longer times which could cause penile damage.

Catheter- this is a soft tube inserted into the urethra several times a day to drain the bladder. It is re-usable and requires a lot of hygiene. This is useful for people who have problems emptying their bladders properly.


Your Car Upholstery Speaks of your personality

You are the car that you drive. Yes, indeed. People will judge you by how great the car looks. How awesomely cleaned it is and all that. If you are driving a shoddy vehicle, so will people judge you as shoddy and all that. If you are a guy like me though who pays close attention to what they are driving in, so will people think you to be organized, wealthy and important.

Cars determine your personality. And it is not just the outside. No, the inside is where the rubber meets the road. You have to invest a good number of your pennies, time, ingenuity and all that to make sure that your car interior looks the part so that when someone gets inside it, the first words that escape their mouths is, “You must be wealthy. I have immediately fallen in love with your auto!”

I came to  this realization when I was just a rookie lawyer working for a firm. While the associates drove this second hand cars, the partners drove new, sleek cars. And so, you would just be able to distinguish between an associate and  a partner at the firm by a simple look at what they were driving. And then I came in. The rookie who turned the tables. My car was far from new. It was infact a hand-me-down from my rich brother. But I made sure that it looked new.

I did a good repaint and then did the most tasking part; revamping the interior. I bought these awesome leather best car seat covers and then went ahead to make sure that the luxurious theme was maintained throughout the car. After doing all this, the results were so amazing that everyone wanted to ride in it.

On getting inside the car, you were met by this awesome upholstery that greeted you and ushered you in. You felt as though you were riding in a limousine because of the time I had spent working on the little details. And so, everyone called me the rookie partner because my car looked better than any other person at the firm.